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Theft Prevention Lock

Version: Alpha.1
Date: 01/19/2014
Download #: 8337

Theft Prevention Lock will lock your IMVU products so that no hacked clients can open them and steal your files.

Update: 3/14/2014 - It seems IMVU has now made it so deriving from products that are locked will result in an error message saying "Invalid asset names". We no longer suggest TPL to be used on derivable products but still on non-derivable products it works. I am not sure why IMVU decided to do this, when it discourages people to use TPL which stops helps stop thefts.

How to use

Open TPL and then edit/create the product you wish to be locked. When you click the button it will attempt to lock the product so that it cannot be edited by any IMVU client. Then simply just upload the product how you normally do.

How can I tell if it worked?

Once you submitted the product, try to click "Edit product" and you will notice it will say the product isn't ready to be edited. It will say this indefinately because of our locking mechanism.

Will this lock me out?

Unfortunately, yes. In order to be 100% sure we are preventing theft, we lock ALL IMVU versions - hacked or valid.

What if I want to make a change to my product after I locked and uploaded it?

We suggest all developers create backups of all their CHKN files. To do this we suggest you save the chkn while TPL is not open. Do 'Save as' and store it somewhere. Then close the product and reopen it with TPL open and proceed to lock the product. This is a bit of a hassle so we have a method which can assist you on unlocking any of your products, simply just contact us in live chat. You can never lock yourself out.

How do I know this is safe?

Here is the VirusTotal report, showing the file being scanned by 48 anti-virus: VirusTotal Report

Upcoming Features

Automatic backup - Create a directory of all your products that have been locked in unlocked state
Automatic updating - Update to new version when released


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