The new Emporium in 2022

Check out Emporium's 2022 plans. We are moving our services to Please read 2022 plans for more information.

The new Emporium in 2022

Big things are on the horizon at Emporium and you can be a part of them! We have begun a transition from being a website revolving around outfits and tools to a site dedicated to serving as a hub for users, artists, creators, and service providers to interact directly with each other.

Move to

Emporium’s current VIP members, products, and services have been transferred to the new site Eventually, only the new Marketplace will be offered at Emporium so we enourage all users to start using now and only come back to Emporium if something isn't working.

In due time, Emporium’s website will undergo a transformation focused on the community and driven by community desires. We encourage everyone interested in the future of Emporium to join our new community discord. The current discord will be for users.

Utility Token

As a first step of the new Emporium, we have released our own utility token called the Emporium Utility Token (EUT). Initially this token will be used on like a customer loyalty reward system such as "points". Emporium values 5 EUT = 1 month VIP ($5 USD) and we will redeem EUT at this rate. A minimum of 60 EUT is required to redeem through Emporium, unless you are an approved artist (see marketplace below). The 60 EUT minimum has been relaxed to just 25 EUT until June 2022 to help celebrate and promote the launch of EUT.

We see EUT as a way users can transact with each other peer-to-peer and eventually without any central governing body, that is, not even Emporium can dictate how people use it. EUT will be utilized by Emporium but it’s meant for all communities to use it as a utility token as they see fit. We encourage discord servers, websites, and any other community to accept it and integrate it into their offerings. Visit our discord for more information on how to integrate your community.

See this video which helps explain EUT:

Why EUT?

Currently there doesn’t exist an easy way for our community to interact with others inside and outside our community in a way that is easy to obtain without a complicated process (Bitcoin, VCOIN, and others). Artists and other entrepreneurs know how difficult it can be dealing with payment services like PayPal. These services do not allow a way to transact without giving up personal information, are not available in some countries, and they have very poor protection against people who chargeback with ill-intent.
With EUT, the transaction cannot be reversed, it can only be refunded by the person receiving the funds. There will be no need to provide any personal information from either user and it is directly user to user.

Emporium allows users to get access to artwork in just a few clicks right from our website. We are aware there is a large art following within our community and we want to connect our millions of users to artists and other people all over the world in a safe and easy way. Artists will be able to easily monetize their artwork from users that would not typically purchase either from limited exposure or complicated payment services as mentioned above.

The Marketplace

In early 2022 Emporium will release a marketplace where anyone can purchase artwork from pre-approved artists with their EUT. Artists can post watermarked art where a secondary image will be unlocked once purchased. Submitting to the marketplace is 100% free and we hope to maintain this model going forward. Artists will grant permission to use the art for personal use only to the buyer. Emporium will facilitate payment through the artist’s choice through a special process that will allow no minimum amount of EUT for exchange. Artists are encouraged to join our discord or contact [email protected] for more information on how you can get started now!

Eventually we hope to allow for NFTs to be minted for free. Unlike other marketplaces which can cost a lot of money to get started as well as a complicated setup process, Emporium will offset fees and work hand and hand with artists and introduce them to how NFTs work. The marketplace will allow artists to setup profiles, add limited edition collections, run auctions and other benefits a typical NFT marketplace has such as to receive cryptocurrencies instead of having to go through Emporium or EUT.

How to get EUT?

Unlike other utility tokens, Emporium is not doing an initial public offering as has already established a revenue model. Instead, in cooperation with rewards, we are giving away EUT for free to help drive adoption and to encourage community relations from day one. Effective immediately, users can send and receive EUT through rewards directly as we prepare for the creation of the community hub and marketplace.


Emporium will reward 20 EUT to users who refer artists who become approved. All users who refer a new user to sign up for VIP membership will be rewarded 5 EUT once the user's payment has gone through and they have logged in.


non-VIP members will receive a small amount of EUT when they visit and have seen a certain amount of advertisements. Nothing else is required, the EUT will just show up as demonstrated in the screenshot below. You should see a random username and some amount of EUT already given to you. If you change computers, browsers, or clear cookies this EUT will disappear so we highly encourage you click "Claim EUT" and setup an account so it doesn’t disappear.

VIP Members will reward 5 EUT to all its VIP members every month as long as their membership is active. This means you can offset the $5 USD a month cost of VIP with EUT by either saving for 1 year, or by pooling funds from other members. Effective immediately the 1 year annual VIP with it's $10 discount will no longer be offered as it will result in a net-loss. Users who have already have purchased the annual plan will maintain their membership until it expires. Once you have logged into your VIP account you can click on your EUT balance at the top right of the site to transfer it to other users.

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