Historical Room Viewer

Just released! HRV View the history of rooms visited by a user, and get all the outfits from any room without being in the room

VIP Membership

You are a user of Emporium and you've decided you want extra benefits? Join the VIP membership to unlock access to secret services and receive special perks!

The following is a list of benefits that an active VIP membership grants you:

No advertisements

Access to secret upcoming services

Hide your catalog and outfits from other VIP users

Ability to view blocked outfits and catalogs from non-VIP users

Hide the outfits of 3 accounts (you or friends) from Hidden Outfit Viewer

Prevent from being searched or your name showing on Historical Room Viewer

Prevent private chats being scanned from Active Room Scanner

Unlimited access to the Active Room Scanner

Prevent all products from being viewed on Catalog Viewer

View disabled creator's hidden products on Catalog Viewer

Disable your avatar card from being viewed on Avatar Card Viewer

Increase limit from 20 to 100 simultaneous name checks on Name Checker

VIP role on Discord enabling secret channels and 5000 coins per month

Subscription term

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