Group Mass Messenger

(Trial Version)
Version: Alpha.3
Date: 11/09/2014
Download #: 2227

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Group Mass Messenger is a fast and automated way to message all your group members quickly and easily. Have an important message to announce? Open GMM, use your group link, download the members, select a unique message ID and then pick who will get the message, Click Send; It's that easy.

GMM will process about 1-2 messages every second depending on a broadband connection, this may seem like a lot but GMM can do this in the background without you doing anything.

How to use

Can I use GMM even if I am not the owner of the group?

Yes, if you purchase GMM. Trial users will be limited to only post in groups where they are the owner.

How do I get rid of the cooldown time and the 5 at once limit?

Simply purchase GMM and you will get rid of these restrictions.

Can I hide GMM while it's running?

Yes, simply right click the GMM icon at the bottom taskbar and choose "show/hide". Alternative you can just hit the "x" on GMM and choose to minimize.

Upcoming Features

Add people manually - Manually add people not in your list
Quick Filter - Start typing a name and it will filter the list


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