IMVU card colors

We have updated the Avatar card viewer to show the new card colors and marriages.

Many of you have asked that we showcase all the colors you can get with the new IMVU avatar card color background, so we made a thread about it below.

CLICK HERE to view the new IMVU card colors - The IMVU Emporium

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Recent Updates

07/12/14:   Updated Avatar Card Viewer to show marriages and new colors.
07/12/14:   Updated Affinity Hider to 2.0 with addition of location hiding.

07/09/14: Affinity Hider product is released.
06/22/14: Catalog Viewer service is released.
04/06/14: Newest Top Catalog service has been discontinued due to change in IMVU shop.
03/07/14: Updated Avatar Card Viewer to show last refreshed user
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