Theft Prevention Lock

NEW!! We have just released a program that will allow developers to prevent people from stealing their files. - The IMVU Emporium

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We are excited to be offering the IMVU community new products and services. Please bookmark us and check back often as we will be adding new products and services periodically.

Recent Updates

04/06/14: Newest Top Catalog service has been discontinued due to change in IMVU shop.
03/07/14: Updated Avatar Card Viewer to show last refreshed user
02/28/14: Updated Name Checker to sort based on Ticket or Disabled status
01/19/14: Theft Prevention Lock product is released.
01/11/14: Group Mass Messenger product is released.
09/15/13: Hidden Room Viewer has been taken offline.
07/26/13: Hidden Room Viewer service is released.
07/02/13: Head Size service is released.
06/30/13: Name Checker temporarily taken offline due to abuse.
03/29/13: Forums are back online.
02/18/13: Newest Top Catalog service is released.
01/02/13: Avatar Card Viewer service is released.
12/13/12: Hidden Stream Viewer discontinued, IMVU disabled functionality.
11/11/12: Hidden Stream Viewer product is released.
06/06/12: Derivation Tree service is released.
06/06/12: Hidden Product Viewer renamed to Hidden Outfit Viewer.
05/23/12: Name Checker updated to include nametokens.
03/02/12: DOC Name Revealer Alpha 1 is released.
02/22/12: Updated Hidden Product Viewer service and product .
09/27/11: Hidden Product Viewer Alpha 2 is released.
06/17/11: Automatic Product Gifter is now open to the public.
06/01/11: The Forum is now live.
05/31/11: Hidden Product Viewer service goes live.
05/31/11: Name Checker goes live.
02/05/11: Hidden Product Viewer Alpha 1 is released.
01/14/11: Instant Cache Clearer Alpha 1 is released.
10/06/10: Silent Room Observer Alpha 2 updated.
08/20/10: Hour Tracker private alpha testing starts.
07/16/10: Silent Room Observer Alpha 1 is added for public use.
07/11/10: goes live and The Emporium is born.
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