Historical Name Viewer

Just released! Historical Name Viewier (HNV)

View a user's history of names and when the names were last seen or search for users who have had a given name

Welcome to Emporium

We are excited to be offering the community new products and services. Please bookmark us and check back often as we will be adding new services periodically.

Recent Updates

09/21/20: Historical Name Viewer released
08/01/20: High Resolution Screen Shotter (HRSS) updated
05/28/20: Historical Room Viewer released
04/12/20: Symbol Creator had whitespaces add to help format cards
03/16/20: VIP is announced
03/08/20: Active Room Scanner released
01/28/20: Fixed issue where people without adblock would be redirected to site
12/06/19: Newest Top Catalog updated to allow sorting
04/22/19: Group Mass Messenger was deprecated
04/20/19: Discord server has been created
08/03/18: High Resolution Screen Shotter (HRSS) has been released
01/20/18: Hidden Outfit Viewer now accepts amazon.com gift card payments
01/14/18: Fixed forum emails being sent
06/29/17: Fixed a content decoding bug in new chrome
05/19/17: Fixed a bug where hidden items could not be viewed.
03/12/17: Outfit Versus released
03/06/17: Symbol Creator released
01/28/17: Back online! Our server was under attack for a few days, we had to switch hosts.
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